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Become a U.S. Citizen

Welcome to the United States is a guide for green card holders that introduces basic civics informations about U.S. system of government. The book also tells explains how to begin the naturalization process on time, what the requirements are, and how to apply for naturalization using Form N-400. This guide is available in English and in 13 additional languages.  

Catholic Community Service - Life Skills Manual

This simple and easy manual provides new Americans about how to live in the U.S., the manual contains vivid pictures plus simple explanations, it tells all the things people need to know about living in the U.S, from how to turn on a stove to call a police.

Changing Gender Roles and Domestic Violence Lesson

The American concept of domestic violence is new to some refugees who may not understand that domestic violence is illegal in the United States and is considered a very serious matter.

Culture Shock in America: Videos about USA life

Click here to watch an documentary about American culture shock for international students.

Click here to see some international student to introduce the culture shock they met after they came to America including how to eat and small talk.

Click here to see a vedio made by two European students from their view about America

Hygiene Lesson– Youth Orientation

Life in the U.S. may be different than what you were accustomed to before you came here. If you were not familiar with running water, household appliances, eating with utensils like knives, forks, and spoons, bathing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day, etc. This lesson will help you understand the importance of hygiene in the U.S.

Money Management Lesson– Youth Orientation - U.S. Money

New Americans can gain a basic understanding of U.S. currency, increase comfort with using U.S. currency, and practice basic adding skills. 

Rights and Responsibilities/Cultural Adjustment - Child Supervision Lesson

In the United States, leaving young children alone without an adult is considered negligent and illegal. However, refugees may be unfamiliar with this law, particularly those who spent extended periods of time in an enclosed refugee camp. It is a great lesson for new American to study the laws regarding children supervision and how those laws may affect the way they take care of their children.

Raising Children in a New Country-An Illustrated Handbook

This booklet provides newcomer parents the basic information they need about U.S. laws and parenting practices. It is targeted to newcomer parents with low levels of English proficiency and/or low literacy levels.

Resources for Newcomers

These resources help the new comers to learn a variety of things in how to live a healthy and productive life in America, also help to people coming with children to adjust life and school in America. 



Continuing Education Programs by Campus

The lists of the continuing education programs in DFW area, includes Brookhaven College, Cedar Valley College, Eastfield College, El Centro College, Mountain View College, North Lake College, and Richland College.

DCCCD Careers Booklet (Career Descriptions and Certificate Course Requirements)

This expansive careers and education guide for refugees in America, suggests a college career plan based on provided job descriptions and their course requirements. 

Housing information for elderly and disabled

Catholic Charities provides housing facilities for low-income elderly and disabled/handicapped persons. Housing facilities are affordable subsidized communities.  

Newcomers Employment Service in Dallas/Fort Worth

The goal of Refugee Employment Services (RES) is to prepare clients to join the workforce. The service philosophy of RES is to work with all eligible clients at their level of employability to empower them toward employment-based economic self-sufficiency.

United Way Free Tax Help

This flyer provides a list of locations that offer free tax preparation services to individuals through the United Way Program.



DFW International Guide for Newcomers in North Texas

Bilingual guide intended for “New Americans” living in the North Texas region. The guide serves as a helpful compass for local laws, cultural information, contact resources, organizations, and services in the Dallas community.

DFW International Guide to Scholarships for New Americans and Minorities

This is a downloadable database for minorities and children of “New Americans” who may not be aware of the many opportunities for scholarships available to them.

DFW International Guide to Economical Health Services

This 80 page guide lists all the free and reduced-cost neighborhood clinics and hospitals that serve North Texans and includes detailed instructions about basic qualifications for service through each medical center. Services range from dental and vision care, prenatal health, diabetes and heart disease, and mental health, alcoholism, domestic violence, pregnancy, diabetes, senior citizens, teen issues, delayed child development, AIDS, vision, STDs, etc.

DFW International Guide to English Classes (ESL) for Adults

This bilingual booklet lists a vast amount of educational resources for English proficiency in the DFW Metroplex to help new Americans grow and succeed in their new homeland.

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