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DFW International Community Alliance
DFW International Community Alliance is the portal to international North Texas, a region in which 239 languages are spoken, and 44% of the residents are New Americans. We are a network of over 1,600 internationally-focused organizations in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex that embodies the cultural and economic vibrancy of the global community.  

DFW Internatinal Community Alliance focuses on education, cultural events, and communication. Established in 1997 with the creation of our website www.dfwinternational.org, we have built an extensive network of collaborative partners and volunteers and have created positive change through a number of venues. Our efforts have increased the awareness of the changing demographics of the North Texas region and influenced the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds into mainstream society.

At the beginning of 2010 our Executive Committee assessed the impact of 15 years of network-building, unifying cultural activities and demographic data-collecting.  They agreed to gradually refocus the organization’s work to add a menu of direct services relating to immigrant integration.  As a result, that year we held the final in a series of very successful and unique celebrations that had included the Latin American Christmas Concerts, African Unity Festivals, African Film Festivals, Global Sacred Music Concerts and African Unity Soccer Cup.

Our Mission
The mission of DFW International Community Alliance is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities.

Our Vision
The Vision of DFW International Community Alliance is the recognition of Dallas / Fort Worth as an international city which embodies the cultural and economic vibrance of the global community.

Our website receives three million hits per month and our email bulletin reaches 66,000 addresses, while our international festivals, reports on regional immigration, and assorted guides provide visibility and direct contacts that build positive relationships and communities.

Our three demographic reports indicate that:

  • 44% of DFW residents are New Americans.
  • Over one million New Americans moved to the metroplex during the past ten years.
  • Irving is the city with the largest percentage of international residents.
  • In six North Texas cities Latinos form more than 40% of the population.
  • 239 languages are spoken in the North Texas area, with more that a third of these languages reflecting African cultures new to this region.
  • In 32% of our region's homes English is not the language spoken.
  • Farmers Branch is the city, with the largest Hispanic population.
  • 100% of the City of Dallas' population growth comes from immigration.

Local governments, media and citizens in general are beginning to realize appreciate the significance of our demographic changes and the importance of incorporating all residents into local initiatives, but they often lack the expertise to deal with diverse cultures.

Our website’s cultural calendar, resources and weekly e-mail publications connect all global communities in the region, providing visibility and direct contacts that build positive relationships while helping to facilitate a successful transition into the American society. 




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