Syria traditional clothing dresses folk Sunhe Weiss-Armush

From the Suhne oasis just east of Palmyra originates some of the most exquisitely embroidered thobs in the entire Middle East.Using silk thread in warm fuchia, rose, and red with bluishing undertones, the seamstresses work cross stitch designs using embroidery canvass that is later pulled from behind the floss. Patterns include stylized date-palms, cypresses, and geometric patterns.

A woman's complete outfit for a festive occasion can include beautifully embroidered sirwal (pantaloons), a thob or skirt with elasticized waist, and a long coat.

Garments from Suhne are always black in color. The preferred fabric is a heavy rayon satin that flowed beautifully as the light reflected off the glowing silk hand work.