Long Thob from Suhne

Syria traditional clothing dresses folk Sunhe Weiss-Armush

Embroidered over heavy rayon crepe (rather than the usual rayon satin), this thob is about a foot longer than similar dresses from Suhne. It's most likely that it was worn belted, with the extra fabric bloused over the waiswaist.

Seams are overlayed with a thin line of tmenjel herringbone stitch embroidery in shades of pink and bright purple,titch and herringbone stitch. Backstitching forms double rows of linear patterns at the hem, while tmenjel bands completely covers the seams.

The neck is beautifully faced to create a narrow stand up collar edged in hot pink braid. Very subtle petit point diamonds edged in stem stitch and satin stitch are used on the bodice. Medallions of three palm trees growing from a mountain grace each cuff. The hem is faced with red cord and embroidered in satin stitch.