Serakib Headdress

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In this drawing of a beauty from Serakib by Syrian artist Ziad Zokari, we clearly see the homsiyye headdress cloth described in the section of Homs in this collection. Woven by hand from heavy silk and silver threads, it's worn over a semi-ribbed crepe neck cloth, and ornamented with gold coin ilaqas fastened to the wearer's temples.

What appears to be a pin over the bosom is actually a gold clip sewn or fastened to the end of the neckpiece. With seams overlayed by hand embroidery, the neckpiece provided modesty, clipping onto the temples under the homsiyye cloth. the weight of the jewelry kept it in from being disloged during normal movements.

Pinned or clipped to the turban and hair on the right side are two additional ilaqas.