Wedding Sirwal

Syria traditional clothing dresses folk Weiss-Armush

From northern Syria, a cotton wedding khamees and matching sirwal, embroidered in geometric golden silk thread. The petit point is the extraordinarily fine work of a professional. The two slightly different shades of ochre probably indicate that the silk thread was dyed in two different lots. The garment is hand sewn in tight small stitches.

The technique used to finish the neck of the khamees is unusual: the outline of the pattern was embroidered first, then the neck facing applied before finishing patterns were stitched through both the facing and the outer cloth. Finally, a fine thread of tatting finished the neckline.

A different technique was used on the sirwal, where four overlapping tows of embroidery and tatting the ankle bands.

The silk striped cloth seen in the photo is actually a man's belt.