Hama Red Plangi Tie Dyed Thob

Syria traditional clothing, dresses folk Hama, Weiss-Armush

Hand woven and stitched from raw silk, this plangi (tie-dyed)dress from Hama is trimmed with cut work tatting overlays on the front seams. Part of a woman's trousseau, the silk fabric is first hand-spun in a loose plain weave. This piece was then stitched before the plangi was applied, and was then dipped into orange dye.

Holding part of the dress in her teeth, the woman wraps a cotton thread around a tiny bunch of fabric. She continues preparing other pellets of wrapped fabric until a geometric pattern has been created.

Finally, this dress was first dipped into red dye. Embroidery on a velvet strip was added at neck, along with a narrow Chinese collar band.