Palestinian-Syrian Thob from Yarmook
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Established in 1957, the Yarmook refugee camp on the northern side of Damascus, is the largest 'unofficial' Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. Residents included large numbers of highly educated professionals who established schools and hospitals in their neighborhood.

Cross stitch embroidered in cotton thread on heavy royal blue rayon atlas (satin), the flowing and curvilinear motifs of birds and flowers adorn the four skirt panels. Bright yellow frames outline V and diamond patterns on the qabbeh square bodice panel , while yellow circles break the monotony of medallions on the skirt. The design marks the wearer as being from Ramalla (Palestine), where the yellow frames are sometimes done in couching stitch over metallic gold cord.

At center hem of the back is the traditional Palestinian diyal, an embroidered structure shaped like a step.

The sleeves are pointed, and were fastened together over the shoulders when domestic tasks were addressed. To maintain modesty, the owner wore a long sleeved under shirt.