Silk Scarf from Aleppo

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's square and rectangular silk scarves offered the wearer dozens of dramatic ways to show her individual style. Hand woven in a home-industry and block printed, the silk was frequently tied as a headband over plain white hijab with the draped fabric gracefully framing the woman's face.

Please see the previous slide for details on the silk industry in northern Syria.

These scarves were lime-resist printed in small workshops hidden in the Souk Asabun of Allepo. A wooden or padded stamp cushion covered with cloth is moistened with the printing solution. The lime resist is applied onto a wood qalib which was carved by the printer in the desired pattern. After the first dye was applied, the cloths must be washed out to stop the dye from harming the fabric. Then a second color is applied, as necessary.

They are still popular among bedouin and village women and are woven from silk as well as artiicial silk.