DFW Internatinal Community Alliance


DFW International Community Alliance is working with the local refugee leaders and their resettlement agencies to provide refugee families with a friendly Texas welcome. Of the families that arrived in 2015, about 5% are from Iraq, 20% are from Syria, and 75% are from Afghanistan.

In June 2016, large numbers of Syrians reached the metroplex. Rohingya from Burma are also being resettled here at the present time.

Please click on any of our pages for additional information:
     - Short illustrated GUIDE that answers your basic questions about DFW refugees
     - Refugee Welcome Letter
     - School Bag Project for Dallas refugees 2016
     - School Bag Project for Dallas refugees 2017
     - Scholarships for Dallas refugees - this program is no longer available
     - Eid Toy Drive Sept 2016
     - Eid Clothing Drive May 2017
     - Our annual
report 2015
     - Our annual report 2016.


Furniture: As the agencies' funds are limited, donations of furniture in good condition is very welcome. Especially needed are items like
      • bunk beds
      • chests of drawers
      • table and chairs
      • bookcases
      • rugs
      • wall art, house decor items
      • lamps, and
      • sofas.

Small refugee apartments don't usually have space for a large desk, but occasionally a small one will fit. If you have large pieces to donate, we usually need a week to hire movers and a truck, and organize the pickup.

Kitchen items: The families would love to receive your older kitchen items, as you replace them with newer pieces. If you'd like to buy some new dishes / glasses / silverware for a refugee family, the shopping list on this page may be helpful.

Food: The easiest way to support a family during the first month, before they receive food stamps, is to donate cash, so we try to provide each new family with a $200 gift card from the nearest supermarket. If you'd like to donate food to an individual family, or pick up the refugees and take them to a nearby supermarket or to a Middle Eastern food market, we can provide you with the contact information for the newest arrivals who are in greatest need.

We're created a shopping list for the ethnic foods that families from donor nations prefer.

Items for babies and children: Most of the families have young children and / or a baby and are a great way to give your stroller /high chair / carseat additional life. Email us at president@dfwinternational.org and we'll share the information for a new mother who would love to accept this donation.

Bicycles: We'd like to give each child of middle school age a bicycle and helmetso they can begin to recover as they ride, forgetting the sounds of war and bombs. If your bikes need some repairs, we'll take care of those.

Car: If you'd like to donate your old clunker, we will give it to one of our needy families. It's a very simple process, and you'll receive a receipt for your donation, to use with your tax filing.

Clothing: We accept only children's clothing. Please fold and sort these, and mark the bag with the appropriate sex and size. Adult clothing may be taken to Helping Hands in Richardson: 1351 T I Boulevard, Unit 103, Richardson, TX 75081 (972-234-4846) They will sort and ship to the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

Dropoff location: If you will send an email to <president@dfwinternational.org> we will respond immediately with the name and contact information for the newest refugee families, so you can deliver directly to them.


PAY PAL - You can donate at any time through our PayPal account
Send an email to specify how you would like your donation used.

CHECKS (tax-deductible) can be written to DFW International and mailed to the address below. Please click HERE to see how we will use your cash donation.
        2717 Hackberry Lane 
        Garland, TX 75042

TAX DEDUCTIBLE RECEIPT Click HERE to download a donations receipt for your taxes. If you'd like to give a cash donation to 'sponsor' a specific item, your check will be cash deductible.

QUESTIONS? Please email us at <president@dfwinternational.org>.