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Linking Latino leaders in the Metroplex
Uniendo a nuestras comunidades hispanas del Norte de Texas

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DFW International Community Alliance’s mission is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities.

Our REDLatina network permits Latino leaders to share large messages such as requests for information and assistance in community-building projects, editorials and news articles, national studies about Latinos, conference descriptions, scholarship and education reports, changes in immigration law, etc.

Mission: To create a communications network that will coordinate among all the members of our many Latino communities the exchange of information, while promoting cooperation in a timely and ethnical manner.
Vision: To unite Latinos in the DFW Metroplex, working together in harmony, supporting each other and reaching out to the community at large for the good of all concerned.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex features a large variety of fine Latino organizations which operate independently, often overlapping in addressing the needs of their constituents and failing to maximize the impact they could have upon the community. The REDLatina (Latino Network) assists by linking their leadership and placing at their disposition broad resources available in the greater Latino community.


El metroplex de Dallas-Fort Worth esta compuesto por una gran variedad de organizaciones latinas que funcionan indendepentemente y que con frequencia acnan sus esfuerzos, minimizando el impact que crean en su communidad. Sus programas culturales, sociales, y educativos impactarian la comunidad con mucho mas exito si logramos aunar los esfuerzos. La REDLatina ayuda a estas organizaciones poniendo a su disposicion todos los recursos disponibles en la gran comunidad latina, tanto humanos como materiales.

Misión: Crear una red de comunicaciones que permita coordinar el intercambio de informacion y fomentar la cooperacion en forma rapida y confiable a todos los integrantes de la comunidad latinoamericana en el metroplex de DFW.
Visión: Unir a todos los latinos para que trabajen en armonia, apoyandose el uno al otro, y para que influyan a la comunidad para el bien de todos.

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