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Programa educativo para la mujer latina en la biblioteca Grauwyler

The Para La Mujer Latina Women's Empowerment Initiative was held on 13 Saturday mornigs beginning on April 20, 2013, in the Grauwyler LIbrary in DFallas. Ninety women and girls participated. 013.

“ Class was only two hours a week but I put every new concept into practice at home and at work.”

“After the DART trip to downtown Dallas, I felt comfortable and more confident, and a few weeks later I traveled by myself on DART from Dallas to Fort Worth.”

“Of course we’ve all heard about domestic violence and birth control on tv, but the one on one mentoring offered in this class helped us really understand these issues and master them in our daily lives.”

Themes covered in this educational series included:
Obtaining a library card, using DART, DFW map reading, trip to downtown Dallas on DART, computer basics, using emai, how to dress on the job, interview basics, resumes.
Basic preventive dental care, diabetes and hypertension, nutrition, exercise and other steps to avoid obesity, fitness, teen issues (communication, avoiding gangs, etc).
Establishing and cleaning credit, how to avoid pay day loans and check cashing services, creating and following a budget for the family, savings, homebuying.
Breast cancer, mammograms, reproduction, helping teenage girls understand the changes in their bodies.  How to speak with your daughter about sex, making good choices, and avoiding pregnancy.  Includes a free mammogram as part of a visit of the UTSouthwestern mammogramobile.
Strengthening the mother's role in the family, traditional and ‘modern’ marriage roles for husbands and for wives, gender communications, recognizing emotional and physical domestic abuse, how abuse affects children, legal rights of victims, and where to find help.


In this course I learned what abuse is and that I shouldn’t accept any sort of violence from my partner.  During the class about sexuality we could for the first time discuss tabu topics, and with honesty and security. Of course we’ve all heard about domestic violence and birth control on tv, but the one on one mentoring offered in this class helped us really understand these issues and master them in our daily lives.
The teachers and mentors reached out to help me throughout the course.  A good example is when I had signed up for my first mammogram, they accepted my Mexican Consulate ‘matricula, even though it was issued by a consulate in another state, so I could participate in the free mammogram program.

En el curso aprendí qué es el abuso y que no debo permitir ningún tipo de violencia. Durante la clase de sexología pudimos hablar de temas tabús, muy en confianza. Claro que todas habíamos escuchado decir antes en la television de la violencia domestica y el control de la natalidad pero hasta la presentación en esta clase no le hice mucho caso.  Ahora son parte de mi vida propia.
Siempre me ayudaron, como cuando me hice la mamografía, los que la hicieron, me ayudaron aceptando mi matricula que era de otro Estado, como identificación junto con mi comprobante de domicilio.
-- Celia Carapia

When Hilda Duarte came to speak to us about sex, she changed my life and that of my family as well.  Her tips on how to be a better communicator with my daughter were so important that I shared them with my husband so we could work together as we spoke to our children about sex and pregnancy.  And in the class on nutrición, the information offered was enormously helpful and very clear as well. I could understand everything that was shared with us.  Of course we’ve heard that sort of lesson on tv but it never really sunk in.  But the nutrition teacher really knew how to help us understand those important details.  We’re not from Dallas County and didn’t qualify for the free mammogram, but the staff helped us find a free mammogram in Denton County.  Not only did I learn valuable información that I used in my every day life, but it is so important that I have also shared it with my neighbors and friends.

Cuando vino Hilda Duarte, y nos platicó cómo hablarle de sexo, hizo un cambio en mi vida y en la de mi familia, nos dio tips y fue como una guía para aprender cómo ser madre. Yo lo compartí con mi esposo para que juntos educáramos a nuestros hijos. En la clase de nutrición, nos dieron mucha información, pero muy clara, entendí todo lo que me dijo; yo antes no lo había captado correctamente, la ponente muy profesional. Nosotros no somos del condado Dallas y aún así nos ayudaron a investigar dónde hacernos la mamografía en Denton. La información que nos dieron no sólo me sirvió a mí, porque yo me encargué de transmitirlo a mis amigos o vecinos.
-- Clara Chonguin Ley

The information we were taught was concise and to the point, making it easy to understand and top ut to practical use.  For example, I learned what abuse is, how to identify it and how to resolve it by addressing that issue directly.  This course lit a fire in our hearts that caused us to question our traditional roles.  It offered a spark of light that we needed as we seek to leave darkness.  Our teachers and speakers are the lighthouse in the darkness that guides us toward a safe harbor.

La información que recibimos fue breve, precisa y clara  a darnos entender lo que era el abuso, cómo identificarlo, cómo solucionarlo, y poner manos a la obra. Este curso nos prendió esa chispa de inquietud, nos dio esa luz que necesitamos, si estamos aquí es porque no sabemos cómo salir de la oscuridad, y ustedes son ese faro de luz que nos guía hacia puerto seguro.
-- Hortensia Chonguin Ley

We're deeply grateful to these foundations and sponsors whose partnership has made possible these empowerment classes.

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