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Travel the Americas through DFW International's exciting Passport game for children and adults, sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank.  Learn about important global 'fun facts' as you explore the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

Pick up your free passport at the Wells Fargo booth, and look for the 9 Fiesta booths marked with the PASSPORT sign.   In each participating 'nations', answer a special question about that culture in order to earn a 'visa' to that nation.

When you've collected all 9 visas, return your passport to the DFW International booth for a prize and a chance at a drawing for larger gifts.

ARGENTINA           Centro Argentino
COLOMBIA            Golden Roast Coffee
ECUADORA            Native Sounds
GUATEMALA          Voces Unidos para el Inmigrante
MEXICO                 Debes Creer en Ti
PERU                      Peruvian Community  
PUERTO RICO       Latin Mix & Danza Cultura
USA                       Tipi Tellers: The Phoenix Storytelling Tipi          




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