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What comes into your mind when someone mentions Latino culture? Passionate, colorful, artistic, will any of the above be one of the words that flash in your mind?

To let our lovely next generations to experience the uniqueness, we will prepare the following cultural workshops for everyone to have a wonderful and unforgettable happy Sunday.

BOLIVIA                                 Friendship Bracelets 
CABRIBBEAN                          Aguache 
COLOMBIA                             Gold Coin Jewelry
CUBA                                      Cowrie Shells
ECUADOR                               Feather Headdress
GUATEMALA                           Feather Hair Ornaments
INDIGENOUS                         Feather Earrings
INDIGENOUS                         Feather Shield/Fan
MEXICO&ARGENTINA            Bookmarks
MEXICO                                  Calavera Puppets
MEXICO                                  Day of the Dead Masks
MEXICO                                  Talavera Frame
MEXICO                                  Ojo de dios
MEXICO                                  Huichol Yarn Card
MEXICO                                  Paper Flower Hair Ornament
MEXICO                                  Papel Picado
MEXICO                                  Day of the Dead Headdress
PERU                                       Guayruro Bracelets   









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