DFW International Community Alliance invites members of the media and community leaders to a PRESS CONFERENCE as they present a new report on Dallas to Mayor Tom Leppert.

Friday, March 28
10 am
Flag Room at Dallas City Hall, 6th floor
For more information, contact Anne Marie Weiss-Armush at annemarieweiss@dfwinternational.org.

Participants in the panel include:

  • Elba Garcia, Dallas Mayor Pro Tem - moderator
  • Miriam Rodriguez, Dallas Public Library - statistics and demographics from the report
  • Joe Chow, Mayor of Town of Addison - international students from the report
  • Cici Rojas, Greater Dallas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - immigrant entrepreneurs from the report
  • Florence Campbell, Sisters of Sierra Leone - immigrant community reports
  • Jorge Herrera, Americas Group - recommendations
  • Anne Marie Weiss-Armush, DFW International - additional comments
An Executive Summary of the document can also be downloaded here:  http://www.dfwinternational.org/ExecSummary.pdf. At 9 am on March 28, the full 54 page report will be available as a free download from our website at this link:  www.dfwinternational.org/resource_center/

The report is the fourth in a series produced by DFW International Community Alliance, and is the first a comprehensive study of the influence of immigrants on Dallas since its founding.  40% of North Texas residents are foreign-born and their children.  The report includes:
  • data from the Census and national research about language, ethnicity, income, education, residence of local immigrants.
  • how New Americans contribute to North Texas' growth, cultural and economic development
  • analysis of 19 local communities:  who are they, why did they chose Dallas, what percentage are citizens, how many are entrepreneurs, what sort of employment appeals to them, where do they live
  • how friendly is our city to newcomers and international visitors
  • how do international students contribute, and what can we do to retain them here after graduation
  • are we really taking advantages of business opportunities in other countries?
  • who are some of the Outstanding New Americans who are contributing in the areas of science, medicine, education, technology, social services, philanthropy, business, etc.
  • how can we involve New Americans in our city's growth?
DFW International Community Alliance is the portal for global North Texas, a network of 1,600 of the regions ethnic and internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations.  Its mission is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities. The organization promotes and links North Texas global groups through its website and cultural calendar at www.dfwinternational.org .  For more details about DFW International Community Alliance, see the media page HERE  or call 972-661-2764.