For immediate release
April 5, 2012
Anne Marie Weiss-Armush
DFW International Community Alliance

Dallas, TX - DFW International Community Alliance announces the 2012 Guide to English Classes (ESL) for Adults , one in a series of 6 free Guides for New Americans. These regularly updated literacy directories are made possible by the support of the Verizon Foundation and Verizon Reads, Inc. This series of guides is now available at many North Texas public libraries. The guides are also available as downloads from the DFW International Community Alliance website at www.dfwinternational.org/resource_center/ .

Cesar Moncada from Verizon Reads, Inc. says, "We are proud again to partner the Metroplex's premiere support organization for New Americans, the DFW International Community Alliance, to bring you the Guide to English Classes (ESL) For Adults. This booklet represents a treasure of resources and is only a small token of DFW International Community Alliance's labor of love to welcome and help New Americans grow, succeed, and thrive in their new homeland."

According to DFW International Community Alliance's 2010 report, 44% of North Texas residents are immigrants (foreign-born and their children), with one million immigrants moving here in the past 10 years. In 30% of the region's homes, a language other than English is used, and a total of 239 different languages are spoken.

DFW International Community Alliance is the portal for global North Texas, a network of 1,600 of the region's ethnic and internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations. Its mission is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities. The organization promotes and links North Texas ethnic and immigrant groups through its website and cultural calendar at www.dfwinternational.org, that receives three million hits a month.