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American Moroccan Association of North Texas (AMANT)
Ahmed Yanouri

The American Moroccan Association of North Texas is a non-profit association dedicated to facilitate relations and close cooperation among its members and the general public, promoting education, advancing cultural exchange, furthering professional development, and enhancing trade opportunities between Morocco and the US

DFW International Community Alliance
Anne Marie Weiss-Armush
12830 Hillcrest Rd, Suite D218 Dallas, TX 75230
DFW International Community Alliance is the portal to international North Texas, a region in which 40% of the residents are New Americans of first or second generation. We are a network of over 1,600 internationally-focused organizations in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex that embodies the cultural and economic vibrancy of the global community.

Eritrean American Family Association
Tekeste Woldezghi

Arriving 30 years ago as refugees, many of whom were illiterate, the Eritrean community has remained unified around their children. Through the dedicated and untiring leadership team of United Eritrean American Families they offer radio and tv programs, as well as a school and youth leadership group. 80% are now registered voters, and 50% own their own home, but they remain focused on maintaining their Eritrean heritage and language and exposing their children to traditional values and traditions.

Ethio American Chamber of Commerce
Betru Gebregziabher
P.O.Box 740817, Dallas, TX 75374
The Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit and non-political organization whose mission is to help Ethiopian businesses succeed by means of sharing resources, advice directions, and create an atmosphere where members to succeed on the business platform they are involved.

Sisters of Sierra Leone
Yvonne Deen
P. O. Box 744203, Dallas, TX 75374
Sisters of Sierra Leone is a non-profit organization founded by women with roots or ties to Sierra Leone residing in the Dallas Metropolis. We formed this group with a collective dedication to “aid displaced women and children in war-torn Sierra Leone .”

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