DFW Internatinal Community Alliance
FIVE WEEKENDS of African culture for the entire family,
with music, sports, dance, film, food


Theater 1: 
     1:00 pm - 'God Grew Tired of Us'
- Sudan
     2:30 pm - PANEL DISCUSSION on Refugees and Adjustment to Cultural Differences in USA
     3:00 pm - 'War Dance'
- Uganda
Theater 2:
     1:00 pm – ‘Angels in the Dust’
– South Africa
     2:30 pm PANEL DISCUSSION on AIDS in Africa 
     3:00 pm – ‘Endurance’ – Ethiopia

1:00 pm - 'God Grew Tired of Us' - Sudan
award winner at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival
Directed by Christopher Quinn
An uplifting documentary that follows the resettlement in the United States of three young men uprooted as children by the civil war in Sudan. Capturing their wonder at things Westerners take for granted, this documentary paints an intimate portrait of strangers in a strange land and makes you proud of what America offers to the rest of the world and worried that it can't keep its promises. 90 min
3:00 pm - 'War Dance' - Uganda
nominated for a 2008 Academy Award
Directed by Sean Fine and Andrea Nix
Set in civil war-ravaged Northern Uganda, this extraordinary film follows the lives of three youngsters who attend school in a refugee camp and find hope through a rich tradition of song and dance. Over the course of three months, the film's creative team observes the three youngsters as they prepare for the event and gain their confidence enough to have them discuss the horrors they have experienced and express their individual fears, hopes, and dreams.
107 min
1:00 pm – ‘Angels in the Dust’ – South Africa
nominated for a 2009 Academy Award
Directed by Louise Hogarth
The inspiring story of a courageous, loving South African woman who abandons a life of luxury to open a home and school for 500 orphaned children who are suffering from AIDS. For a nation overwhelmed by an epidemic of HIV/AIDS, orphans, rape, violence, and apartheids ugly legacy , the film offers a pathway of hope and shows that one person can create change and be a noble model for the future. 95 min
3:00 pm – ‘Endurance’ – Ethiopia
Directed by Leslie Woodhead
This is the true story of Ethiopian gold medalist Haile Gebrsellasie, a mythic story of the strength of human spirit. One of ten children born to a poor farmer who disapproved of his son's interest in running, Haile Gebrselassie ran 10 kilometers or more to school every day barefoot. Fascinated by the stories of Ethiopian athletes he heard on a small battery-operated radio, as the child harvested wheat and herded cows, he stuck to his dream. In 1996 he won the Olympic gold medal for 10,000 meters in the Atlanta Olympics, and since then has broken 26 world records.

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